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      Inductance market gradually into "red sea", rapid customization into a tool
          Inductor is one of the three major passive components, variety, wide application. With the rapid development of the current mobile communications industry, demand from smartphone and tablet PC market has become the main source of power inductors growth of the industry, in addition to the number of units has increased beyond the machine itself, the whole periphery of the inductor monomer The number of installations has also increased, which led to the overall growth of the inductor market. In addition, home appliances (LCD TV), wireless communications (3G / 4G), cloud storage equipment, security surveillance, automotive electronics, LED lighting market is also expected within continues to improve in recent years, these are the high amount of inductors products industry also contributed to the inductor into a quick update period.
      ?????inductor current major supply vendors, or in Japan, Taiwan-based manufacturers including Murata, Taiyo Yuden, TDK- EPCOS (EPCOS), Chilisin, 1000, such as, etc. ; In addition, in recent years, mainland Chinese inductor manufacturers take great momentum lift home on later to sunlord, wheat microelectronics as the representative of the Czech Republic is one of the best manufacturers. Although compared to capacitors and resistors, inductors customized components belong more passive components, in product design and customer needs a higher interaction, but also because of this feature, so that the possibility of the product being replaced to capacitance, resistance is slightly lower, but because of the expansion of the current market demand, many manufacturers entrants, increasing market competition, the inductor products from different vendors have begun increasingly faced with the threat of an alternative, the market gradually enters " Red Sea "stage.

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