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      International standards of electronic sensor and inductor
          1International standards of electronic sensor and inductor
          Electronic sensor outside of the small and medium powerCurrent and voltageCurrent and voltage, mainly for communications and electronic equipment, plays the role of electromagnetic energy conversion, isolation and impedance matching in electronic circuits, in the information technology industry is an irreplaceable foundation magnetic element functions. Since the types of electronicCurrent and voltage, specifications, production and use of multiple units, with the commodity exchange and the market economy, and China's accession to WTO to speed up the adoption of international standards requirements, standardized electronic sensor becomes increasingly important , more and more urgent. In order to carry out a comprehensive electronic sensor promote standardization work, we IEC international standard electronic sensor and a brief analysis of the use of the situation, and the current electronicCurrent and voltage and inductors Countries standard, electronic industry standards and military standards were introduced Countries.
              2 electronicCurrent and voltage international standards and centralized
              international standard for electronic sensor "magnetic components and ferrite materials" technical committee established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Section 51 Technical Committee (TC51), specifically by the TC51 9th Working Group (WG9 ) "emotional element group" responsible for drafting and organization. Corresponds to IEC / TC51 of Countries Standardization Organization is CSBTS / TC89 "National Magnetic components and ferrite materials Standardization Technical Committee" by the National Committee for Standardization magnetic scalar administrative bodies under the State Council and the Ministry of Information Industry, commissioned to undertake IEC / TC51 international standard of domestic technical focal work, and assume Countries standards in the field of magnetic components and ferrite materials within the professional industry standards organizations to develop and technical review. Humidity sensor probe, stainless steel heating pipe PT100 sensor, cast aluminum heater, heating coil fluid valve.
              3International standards of electronic sensor and inductor and use case
              As electronicCurrent and voltage and inductors belong to the "emotional element", while the IEC / TC51 working group responsible for developing the ninth, so the following electronicCurrent and voltage and inductors standards be introduced.
              4.International standards of electronic sensor and inductor and use case
              IEC / TC51 standard so far a total of 60, including the case of electronicCurrent and voltage and inductors standard only 15, accounting for 25% of the standard.
              moderately strong industry-wide real-time production of high demand meter, optical instruments and other related products on the market, expand sales and boost industry sales rate, but the expansion of domestic demand for complete sets of Countries system control device, analysis equipment, testing equipment and other major products machine pull small. Humidity sensor probe, stainless steel heating pipe PT100 sensor, cast aluminum heater, heating coil fluid valve.
              to be market-oriented, and strengthen sales efforts be effective Countries for the start of the domestic market, expanding domestic demand, metallurgical, petrochemical, electronics, textile, power grid construction and transformation of urban infrastructure, environmental protection, invested heavily in housing and other areas of the economy, provides a good outlook for the instrument instrument carved in industry sales.
              Although the Government to give businesses some preferential policies, but corporate debt ratio is too high, resulting in the approval of bank borrowers increasingly stringent, so the difficulty companies have repeatedly increased funding, if the enterprises report, Although supply contract in hand, because of difficulties in borrowing funds, production of materials not in place, resulting in downtime to be expected, not organize normal production, and seriously affect the development of enterprises and improve.

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