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      High frequency electroplating power supply dc panel r&d knowledge
      High-frequency electroplating power its main characteristics are stable and good anti-jamming, small ripple factor, high technology precision. It also has a perfect protection; adjust settings is intuitive and easy to use, two AC input, through computer control can automatically switch reliability.
      Technical parameters of high-frequency electroplating power
      * AC input voltage: AC 380V ± 15%, 50HZ, three-phase four-wire system, two power inputs;
      * DC output voltage: DC220V, DC110V, DC48V, DC24V;
      * Output current: control bus (KM) 5 ~ 200A, closing bus (HM) 5 ~ 3000A;
      * Battery capacity: Lead Acid Battery 10Ah ~ 3000Ah;
      * Regulation accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5%;
      * Steady flow accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5%;
      * Ripple factor: ≤ ± 0.5%;
      * System Efficiency: ≥90%;
      * Power Factor: ≥0.92;
      * Operating noise: ≤50dB;
      * Dielectric strength: 2000V / min without flashover, no breakdown;
      * Earth resistance: <0.1Ω;
      * Output circuit: standard configuration control mother (KM) 5-way, co-parent (HM) 5 road. (According to user requirements change)
      * Screen structure: The company's products use PK screen body structure, front with glass doors.
      * Protection class: IP30
      * Dimensions: 800 × 600 × 2360 (mm) or 800 × 600 × 2260 (mm), or according to user requirements.
      Plating System features a high-frequency power supply
      * System is stable, anti-interference ability, high technology precision;
      * System protection function, adjust the settings easy and intuitive;
      * Two AC input, through the computer-controlled automatic switching, high reliability;
      * System with perfect protection functions, which greatly improves the reliability;
      * When the central control system failure quit, charging and rectifier module to work properly;
      * Via the central monitoring system to achieve both battery charge / float automatic conversion;
      * Strict accordance with the battery charging curve to the battery charge, avoid over-charge / charge less, extending battery life;
      * Via RS485 communication interface with the host computer communication.

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